Yes, The 4 C’S Bring Sparkle, Clarity and Value to Diamonds Too

Yes, The 4 C’S Bring Sparkle, Clarity and Value to Diamonds Too


And with good reason. A dull digital campaign – a.k.a one that is unfocused and rudderless – will get you about as much attention and wow as you could expect to receive from a $400 engagement ring. In fact, digital marketing campaigns, like diamonds, can be valuable, glisten and stop people in their tracks. But, unfortunately, many are dull and forgettable with the clarity of soapy dishwater.

With the 4 C’s of digital marketing we always begin by practicing good, safe consumer relations. That means we always use a Concept. But all to often the “concept” concept is sidestepped in order to focus on what people think is most important — content. Everyone who can spell digital is touting content these days. Repeating like a carnival barker the ongoing refrain: content rules. And content is king. But without a strategy, without a tightly defined Concept to revert back to, content does not rule at all. Which means, like in the story of the emperor, the content king has no clothes.

Let’s put it this way: we can’t think outside the box unless we first have one. A box, that is. And a strong Concept is our box—the tightly defined strategy that content and breakthrough execution emanate from. As Bill Murray said: “Put me in a box and watch me work.”

When the starting Concept is strong and single-minded, all the content we put forth will be relatable and significant. Context is what makes our content relevant. When concept, content, and context are unified, the end result is a bond with the user that is united through relevance. The end result is the final C: “CONNECT”. They all work hand-in-hand. There is a mutually beneficial interaction.

We are living in the most productive, creative, and innovative time in the history of mankind.  We have limitless information available instantaneously at our fingertips. Literally. The unintended consequences of all these possibilities mean there is such a daily avalanche of junk, mediocrity, and jumble to filter through that we need a machete to cut through all the dross. More is not better. More is simply more.

In the end, Concept, Content, Context, and Connect will bring relevance, significance, and clarity to your digital marketing efforts. Just as the 4C’s of diamond buying is guaranteed to add value to a jewelry collection.

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