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Featured Mobile App

Naturally Slim - App Development

Naturally Slim needed a mobile solution that was a differentiator amongst its competitor in addition to a tool that was going to be loved by its users.

Alive create a game-changing application which allowed the client to bring their differentiators to the table resulting in stronger relationships and increased revenue.

Featured Website

Digital Fight Club - Web Development

Initially, Digital Fight Club was one of many popular local events produced by Digital Dallas.  After continued popularity, it was time for DIgital Fight Club to stand on its own beginning with its first-ever East Coast event.

Alive stepped in, created the new brand and website for the new organization, just in time to support the first stand-alone event.


Feel free to browse some of our latest projects ranging from mobile apps, websites, mobile web apps, and more. 

Each project presented a unique opportunity which required a custom solution. No “out of the box” solution located here. 


Sometimes we aren’t able to show the work (damn you legal.) but we are extremely happy to work with great clients.

We are fortunate to have worked with start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. We love our clients equally. 

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