Solutions Process

We listen to the voice of the customer and figure out where to align it with the brand; then throw the rest out.


We believe that the most successful endeavors have a common thread: they are born out of an in-depth understanding of business objectives and audience needs. Our process supports both.



Using product, consumer target, and audience analytics, we provide an unbiased perspective. Then we overlay user perception for added insight.



We devise a defined strategy by focusing on key performance indicators and project goals.  The ultimate user experience is always priority number one.



Beginning to end, we follow a defined strategy and timelines for every product. Through this process, we develop creative products that are supportive of the business goals.

Digital Production

The digital products of any brand are an integral and important aspect. They are often the first experience new customers have with a brand and leave a lasting impression. The creation of your assets communicates your values and your commitment to innovation. Alive Digital’s team of designers and developers are experienced in merging form and function to create experiences your customers will never forget.

Website Design & Development

Video Creation


Creative Services

Good creative leaves a lasting impression. Alive will design a creative strategy to help you stand out and shine in a highly competitive marketplace. We can create the look and story of your brand, no matter if you are a startup or established and in need of a refresh. To build and maintain thriving brands, we help you connect to your customers with direct conversations.


Digital Illustration

Rich Media

Mobile Solutions

Alive Digital experts are astute, curious partners that help you understand how mobility can enrich your business, from boosting communications to cutting costs. Whether you are still to take your first step along the journey or have begun the process, we are quality allies that you can trust to understand your situation, challenge your thinking, and ultimately create comprehensive mobile solutions that deliver on your objectives.

Mobile Application Creation

Wearables Solutions

Augmented & Virtual Reality

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